Boxing betting is undoubtedly a great way to enhance your bankroll. It’s considered one of the oldest sports in the world. Moreover with over a million fans it has become popular especially when a big match is coming up.

How to bet and win

Just like real money casino or any other sport one will need a good strategy to maximise their winning chances and knowledge about the game will definitely help. Hence in boxing the more knowledge you have about the boxers playing in the match, the better your winning chances will be.

Develop a betting strategy

Developing a betting is not as hard as it might seem as its basically weighing between two playing boxers. Unlike in soccer where it’s eleven players plus with a chance that any player can concede a penalty or score. There are three basic factors to look at when planning your strategy.

Is the player a boxer or puncher

Looking at the fighter’s records will definitely what kind of a player they are. If the boxer has a lot of Knock Outs among their victories, they are considered as KO Artists. They prefer aggression and powerful punching and aims to win inside the distance. Sergey Kovalev is among KO Artists.

If the player has lower percentage of Kos and prefers to take time and win points, they are considered defensive specialists. Hence they focus on the art of hitting and not getting in return. Big examples of defensive specialists are Floyd Mayweather and Andre Ward. When making bets decide on the type of boxer you want and compare with their opponents.

Study recent form

Examine the recent performances of boxers in the fight you want to bet in whether they have suffered defeat or injury or a draw. According to this will assist you to make a fair bet. While unbeaten records may look great they do not necessarily equal a win.

Physical strength and size

The old saying “A big man will always beat a good little man” is often true in boxing. You could use that before placing bets in heavyweight championships.

The above are some of the key factors to look out for before boxing betting.




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