Back in 2016, Conor McGregor world was his oyster, he couldn’t put a foot wrong-he was a double world champion and quite easily the biggest draw in the UFC at the time, It was incredible to see the rise of a mouthy Irishman from Crumlin has managed to take the UFC to levels it had never been taken to before and ensure that it was on every major news channel globally, and you could bet for sure they were talking about McGregor.

However, since then McGregor has arguably become a lost soul in his career of a fighter as the two bouts he has had in Floyd Mayweather in the boxing world and Khabib in the octagon, he has been dominated in both and McGregor has looked a fraction of his usual immense and scary self. You cannot fault Conor for taking either of these fights, he’s a competitor at the end of the day and wants to challenge himself against the best. However this isn’t the main reason he took these fights; it was well broadcasted how much money he’d be making from each fight. And we believe this is the downfall to Conor McGregor – the money and celebrity status took over from his motivation to become one of the greatest of all time in the UFC world. He became obsessed with trying different avenues of income, like his whiskey, Proper Twelve, rather than utilising his prime years of his career to continue to challenge in the UFC.

UFC fans will be excited to see that Dana White has re-opened the fighting market however this will be the first time in months due to Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions. When we were deep in lockdown, punters had to find other ways of entertainment and that has now seen the rise in the use of online casinos, and it is a useful resource. The greatest asset to these sites is they offer unrestricted access and unlimited amount of gameplay on all of their live casinos, slots and card tables.

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