For anyone who’s into launching a new career or intending to change their existing one, it’s best to begin at the entry-level. Indeed, passing an exam that will help you attain a popular certification and gain foundational skills is a good way to step out. Exam Collection And if you’re trying to know if the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 assessment is good for you, then in this post, we have your questions answered. Read them to see what chances you have with this test and its associated Network+ credential

What Is CompTIA Network+?

The Network+ badge that will be earned once you pass N10-007 assessment is vendor-neutral and targets network specialists with up to 9-12 months of practical experience. This certification aims at introducing entry-level networking skills such as networking notions, operations, and security. Author: Shawn W To add more, this very badge is also necessary for validating essential network configuration, management, and troubleshooting skills.

Who Is N10-007 Targeting?

Test N10-007 is suitable for those who have set their hearts on a career in networking. Specialists can use it to get into more advanced credentials like the CompTIA Security+ or those from other vendors like Cisco or Microsoft since assessment N10-007 is completely vendor-neutral. ExamCollection > So, if you’re learning about networking for the first time, this is the right exam for you!

Does N10-007 Exam Have Prerequisites?

The Network+ N10-007 test has no formal requirements. However, as you already know, the vendor gives a recommendation for you to possess between 9 and 12 months of networking experience and have the A+ certification. Author: Mark D But none of them is obligatory.

What Are N10-007 Characteristics?

As mentioned earlier, N10-007 is the designated assessment for the Network+ badge. In the main test, you’ll have to solve up to 90 questions going for 90 minutes. The formats of these questions are drag & drops, performance-based, and multiple choices.

What Is Passing Score for CompTIA N10-007?

You’ll bag the Network+ credential after attaining not less than 720 marks out of 900. Each question will receive scores based on their level of difficulty. However, this test may present unscored sections which could be part of or outside the listed objectives. Download >> So, whether you get them correctly or not, they won’t affect your overall score.

What’s Cost of N10-007 Assessment?

Enrolling for N10-007 will cost you $329. However, the price varies according to where you’re located. It’s important, therefore, to confirm the charges depending on where you live before you actually pay.

Does Network+ Certification Expire?

Once you aced N10-007 test and obtained the Network+ credential it has a shelf life of 3 years. You need to renew it once the given time elapses if you’d like to have it stay valid.

Do Practice Tests Add Value to N10-007 Preparation?

N10-007 practice tests are valuable during your prep for the final exam. The questions set in such tests mimic the actual ones. Cram Therefore, they are more likely to come to your aid as they’re best for identifying what areas you need to improve before actually sitting for N10-007.


We hope that this post has already answered the questions you had about the CompTIA N10-007 exam. And since you’re the one seeking the answers, you must be wondering what to do next. You should now be reflecting on how to register for this test and then go forward with using practice tests for getting ready for this exam. Receive our best wishes as you prepare and take your assessment!

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