American gamblers have a tough time separating the UFC from MMA because it’s the most popular mixed martial arts fighting championship. When you are making your selection from a sportsbook, you want to make sure you click on the UFC tab. The beauty of sportsbooks is that whether you go with MMA or UFC, you always find plenty to bet on. In fact, you can bet on all sorts of UFC from around the world.

Each time you’re betting on MMA, the secret is to do your homework before placing wagers. The past history of fighters will help you determine whom you should wager on. Also, look into fighting styles and which ones are known to come with better odds. 

Betting on MMA also requires expert opinion because you want to know what the gurus think about the odds. Following odds blinding when wagering on Mixed Martial Arts is a bad idea because it’s not like any other sport.

The more information you get about the fights the better because you increase your winning margin. Betting blind on MMA is like flipping a coin when you can research and get actual insights. The best way to win with MMA is to stick with a specific category like UFC. This ensures that each time you’re placing a wager, you’re learning something new. 

Where to Go Bet on UFC Fights

The best route to go if you want to bet on UFC fights is to find an offshore site. Unless of course, you live in Nevada or any other states where UFC betting is legal. Offshore sites are ideal because they won’t have you caught up with federal betting regulations. 

Ensure that the offshore site you choose allows players from the United States. You also need to look out for bonuses, promotions, and flexible payment options that will ensure you enjoy your betting experience. Remember that MMA is just one of many sports you can bet on; find out more at USLeagueBetting.

Tips to Help You Win

  • Find a Trusted Site

We’ve already established that the best places to go when you’re betting on UFC is offshore sites. However, not all offshore sites are ideal. You need to know how to identify top-shelf sportsbooks with the fairest betting lines and the most betting options. You need a site with reasonable bonuses and loyalty points to make it worth your while. 

  • Use the 10% Rule

It might seem like the 10% over-restricts your money, but as you know, when it comes to betting, you can lose everything with the span of a finger. The rule allows you to budget when betting on sports. You need to limit your betting to 10% of your stack to minimize risk as much as possible. 

You need to work the long game if you want to make the best out of MMA betting. When you stick to the 10% rule, you gain steadily, and losses do not set you back too far. 

The best part is over time; you get to bet only with your profits. Which means you won’t be using your own money to place wagers. In which case, no matter the outcome of the fight, you’ll still be at an advantage.

  • Avoid Big Favorites

You heard that right! Many MMA bettors tend to place wagers on big favorites even without doing their homework. The thing is, even if you bet on big favorites and win, you don’t get much. 

Often, big favorites like McGregor are pitted against cupcake opponents as a publicity stunt. The games are usually for selling pay-per-view subscriptions and not about who wins. 

There is no way you’re winning real money if you place a wager on a big favorite, especially if you’re using the 10% rule. Instead, find other fights that are set at 1:1 to make good money.

Big favorites are almost always traps to get the attention of a wider audience. Often when you wager on these games, you’re risking a lot for very little returns.

  • Don’t Place Wagers on too Many Fights

You obviously want to increase your chances of winning, but placing wagers on too many fights is not the way to go. Many gamblers find themselves betting on many fights because placing a bet on a legit sportsbook is easy. 

Resist this urge because it will cost you in the long run. Instead, choose fights that have good odds and do your research. 

To get a reasonable return when you wager on many fights is only possible if you win more than half of your bets. This is impossible because you won’t even have enough time to do your homework. 


Betting on MMA requires research because just because a fighter is a big favorite does not mean you should wager on them. If you’re not in Nevada or any other state where MMA betting is legal, look for a top-shelf offshore site to make betting on UFC worth. 

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