If you have just started something and have grown to love to vape, but are looking for safe and feasible dabs, then you are in luck. We will review Puffco Peak Vaporizer in this post, and you can see for yourself how easy and simple it is to use and how the quality and taste remain uncompromised. Who wouldn’t love a dab of the vaporizer amid a hard work’s day and release all the stress and fatigue? That is right, no one! So, do not sacrifice on the divine dab experience and get your hands on this remarkable portable vaporizer now!

But if we are an amateur stoner, then you may be a little embarrassed, trying to learn how to get started with dabbing. But no need to worry because we have got you covered. This post will explicitly discuss how you can get your Puffco Peak Vaporizer up and running.

Just follow this guide:

Make Sure It Is Charged

Enjoy the unpacking and the different components that unravel before you; we bet you will be tempted to take a dab. But patience is the key! Please take out the charger and plug its USB cable into the port to locate on the vaporizer. Plug the charger in and let the vaporizer charge for at least two and a half hours (it is how long it takes to charge the vaporizer fully). The fully charged vaporizer will last for at least 30 dabs before you would have to plug it in again.

Make Sure The Bubbler Is Filled

Even the Puffco suggests that you should fill a moderate amount of water in the Puffco Peak Glass. Even if you fill the water just beyond the two air holes, it will suffice. If you fill it more than that mark, it will ruin your experience as water will get in your mouth. Also, make sure you fill it before attaching; otherwise, you may destroy the atomizer or the electronic base.

Now Attach The Bubbler To The Base

Puffco takes incredible pride in the fact that they developed a portable vaporizer that easily comes off so you can travel with it and keep it safely packed. To attach the bubbler, you would have to locate a small hole at the bottom of the glass, on the outside, and then align it with the atomizer. Now adjust the mirror’s front under the lip and then push it with force to locks in.

Conduct A Test Run

To ensure that everything is in the right place and have constructed the vaporizer correctly by joining its pieces, you must run a test session entirely. Please turn on the vaporizer, hold the button for three seconds, let it vibrate under band land, is viewed as white, and then click to set the temperature at a maximum. Now double click to stimulate the heater and let a full cycle run. The vaporizer will vibrate when it is ready for use.

Select The Temperature

The Puffco Peak Vaporizer offers four different temperatures at which you can enjoy the dab. We suggest that beginners stick to lower temperatures; green and blue, which are flavorful but not too strong—the red and white offer dense and strong hits.

Loading It Up!

Now load your material, which should be the size of a grain. Put it in the center of the atomizer and not near the walls. Double click the button, so the Peak starts to heat up.

Moment of Truth

Once you have developed a taste for the rich, punchy, and flavourful hit of the Puffco Peak vaporizer, it’s nearly impossible that you will go back to your old ways of dabbing.

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