How much money can you risk in DFS football games? Do you have enough funds to gamble on this kind of sports bet? How much would you like to earn? These questions are the common things you should ask yourself before gambling in fantasy football games. Aside from your skill and knowledge, bankroll management is a huge factor to consider.

The key to maintaining indelible profitability when playing fantasy football games is managing your bankroll correctly. If you look into the bigger picture, gambling requires a huge amount of money to risk. So, do not attempt to play DFS football if you don’t have the right budget and the right sketch of how much you can spend.

While the simplest reminder you can take heed of when betting on sports or fantasy football games is spending what you can afford to lose, some would like to settle for more. If you can’t resist allocating huge funds to risk for this kind of sports bet, here is some daily fantasy football advice you can apply to manage your bankroll properly.

How Much Can You Risk Per Week?

Suppose you are a newbie fantasy football bettor. The first thing you need to ask is how much you can spend every week. The amount you must gamble must be separate from your personal expenditures, such as the daily needs and wants. Also, the weekly amount you set to spend must come from two factors: loss/win record and experience level.

In most DFS football cases, experts advise around a 5% limit as the maximum amount to spend on your bankroll. Meaning, if you got $1,000 in your bank account, do not go over $50 weekly. You have to follow this recommendation, especially if you are a newbie fantasy bettor, so that you won’t get tied up.

Plan Your Weekly Expenditure Based On The Previous ROI

Your past return on investment should be your basis on how much you will risk in the next few weeks. Remember that winning is inevitable, and you can’t ensure that you might still get a winning streak. In this case, you can spend what you have gained or lie out an amount lower than that.

How about if you’re starting a clean slate or haven’t had an ROI yet? You can go back to the first recommendation outlined above. Do not go over 5% of your bankroll so that your account will not be put in danger. If you want to plan for expected winnings, you can take time to research your probability of winning by risking for a category you know you can win.

Review Your Betting Record And Adjust Accordingly

When you’re betting for fantasy football games for a long time, your desire, risk-taking, and earning changes. Hence, you might want to spend more than 5% because you have been winning consistently. There is no harm in increasing the number of bets you want to wager, but make sure to review your wins and losses before you do this.

By doing such, you can adjust accordingly and plan the amounts you can minimally risk. It goes out to the idea that what was successful last week may no longer be applicable this week. Besides that, fantasy football rules and lineup changes per week, so if you review your wins and losses, you can practically decide your bankroll flow.

Gradually Increase Your Wager Per Contest Format

DFS football comes in two main formats. The first one talks about the Cash Games. It is where you can gain 50% of what you initially risk. Aside from that, fantasy players can face head-to-head and be selective with the players they can go up to. On the other hand, GPP  (Guaranteed Prize Pool) is another category you can risk. Regardless of the number of bettors, the bookie sets a pledged amount for you to win.

Thus, whatever DFS football category you gamble in, you should gradually increase or decrease the amount you want to risk. If you think that the odds are going with the flow, aim for more. However, if the stars are not destined to be on your path, know when to stop. This tip can help you manage your earnings as well as the price you pay when you lose.

Set A Clear  Weekly Expectations

The final step to take heed of when managing your fantasy football betting bankroll is to set weekly expectations. It refers to all the amount you are willing to spend along with the dime you are losing. Also, if you are a newbie fantasy player, it’s okay not to meet your expectations, but you should adjust in the long run.

When you feel successful, continue what you are doing. But, if you keep on failing, take a rest. After all, DFS football betting is gambling, and you get even chances whether you win big or lose tremendously.


Proper bankroll management is one of the most challenging things you must learn when betting on DFS football games. Do know the DFS games are enticing, and if you don’t plan how much you should spend, you’ll end up with nothing. Therefore, applying the tips above can surely help you in maintaining a healthier betting bankroll.


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