Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) provides one of the most exciting sports experiences in the world, along with great betting opportunities. Although the gambling market that revolves around MMA and UFC is not as big as boxing the potential rewards for bettors may be far more significant in MMA bets. Boxing and MMA are different sports, but the way we bet on them is very similar. The main benefit of this is that, if you learn one, you can also bet on the other.

Another benefit of betting on MMA fights is that MMA betting offers you an extensive range of outcomes and opportunities to grow your bankroll exponentially. After the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was formed, the popularity of MMA fights among online bettors skyrocketed, and we could see loads of money being circulated on fights in the octagon.

UFC Collaboration with Gambling to Become Financially Capable

In 2019, UFC did something that was never expected. They ultimately collaborated with gambling and launched their new sports-betting product. The UFC proudly announced an event centre for betting. It is the gaming industry’s first sports betting product explicitly created for a major sports brand.

What is this new event centre? Well actually, this event centre will promote UFC betting and will offer live in-round betting, official data delivery to every bettor out there within less than two seconds, immediate bet settlement and 3D visualizations of “live UFC action.” They even went a step beyond that and made all the official data of UFC Event Centre available on the internet through 300 different operators. UFC President Dana White said during the release that, “The UFC Event Centre and its official data feed will be a game-changer for how UFC fans engage with our events through sportsbooks and gaming operators.” 

But now the question is – how will the UFC earn from this arrangement? The answer is simple; in exchange for all the official information UFC has added some rules to it. Sportsbooks pay a licensing fee and share an undisclosed portion of the wins from the UFC bets to the UFC authorities.

How to Bet on MMA Fights Online

First of all, MMA is different from all other sports, so the sports betting for it will also be different. As pointed out earlier, the only sport that is similar to MMA is Boxing, and if you learn to bet on one, you can bet on the other. There are quite a few points you need to keep in mind if you want to bet on MMA fights, those are:

  • Choosing the right betting platform: Online sports betting can be very profitable if you take some time to smartly select the right sportsbook for you. An ideal sportsbook will offer not only better odds but also provide you with a betting guide. An excellent online sports betting website will also give out attractive bonuses from time to time with exclusive deals during the sports season. There are many sportsbooks available online and one example is Unibet.
  • Money line: Since there are no point spreads in boxing or MMA, the easiest way to bet on MMA is using the money line. The money line is a wager is to bet on one fighter to beat another. 
  • Over/under: People can also bet on the duration of the match, which is called the over/under number of rounds. 
  • Going the distance: A bet for the maximum number of scheduled rounds in the fight.
  • KO/DQ: Betting on a fighter winning by knockout or betting on a fighter losing by being disqualified.

These are the main MMA bets. MMA is an unpredictable sport where even someone who is considered an underdog can grab a surprising win. This is also why the payout for underdogs in some cases can be very attractive.


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