When it comes to the world of sports, a very important aspect of it is both marketing and sponsorships. As mentioned in this article, it is commonly referred to as sports marketing, and it pretty much allows the organizers of the event to promote it and also promote products and brands, which are what we know as sponsors.

It is what makes the world of sports so profitable to a certain extent, and what allows events to flourish and bring as many benefits to all the parties involved as possible. It can also incredibly boost the local economy of a place depending on the size of the event and how many people decide to attend.

With that said, there are many forms of sports marketing, each fulfilling very specific goals, with their own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, though, we will discuss some of them, and focus more on the step and repeat banners, also known as press walls.

Some Examples of Sport Marketing

Depending on the size and reputation of the event, you might be able to see television commercials related to it. They tend to be rather expensive in price, but have really good results in most situations.

This form of marketing is mainly used to increase the popularity of an event and depends a lot on its previous reputation and the things it has to offer. These two things, as well as the people involved in it, are pretty much what decides the efficiency of a television commercial.

You also have the frequently used posters placed all around the city, meant to increase awareness, and people handing out flyers for the same purpose. These are much cheaper than television commercials, but tend to be less effective when it comes to increasing awareness.

Radio marketing is another very common thing, but nowadays not as many people consume radio as before, so it might be a little outdated. For those situations, some people might prefer the use of social media and online marketing instead, which is much more present in today’s society, considering how many people have access to it thanks to their smartphones.

Now, here’s the deal with what we know as step and repeat banners, it is a very present thing in most situations involving public figures, events related to huge brands, and situations in where media is deeply involved.

Talking About Press Walls

There are many types of banners, and although they certainly focus on fulfilling the same goal, the most frequently used are the 8×8 step and repeat banners, since they are capable of fitting most situations involving media.

There are three main objectives when it comes to repeat banners, with the main one being increasing the awareness of the brand or organization that should receive the most attention. For example, a lot of sport-related events might have a charity goal involved, which is managed by a charity organization.

A banner involving this type of event might have certain brands showcased in its pattern, but the main objective will be displaying the organization’s logo for the sake of increasing awareness of the charity goal. This is a huge deal when media and television are involved, since visual presence is a very strong tool.

There’s also the objective of increasing awareness of a sports team, which will ultimately increase its presence in the market, opening the way for the third goal of a press wall: pure and effective marketing.

Banners are capable of being used for marketing since they can be used to showcase the brands of sponsors supporting a specific sports team, event or organization. If you want to know more details about how sponsorship works, you should visit https://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/sponsor.asp.

Among the most commonly used brand logos involving sports when it comes to step and repeat banners, we have things like Adidas, Nike, Red Bull, Monster Energy, Emirates and Puma.

Not Only Sports Events Use Repeat Banners

Repeat banners are pretty much used in all types of events nowadays, as long as media and television are involved. This is because they provide a safe space for public figures, organizers, and important people attending the event, to receive attention from the media without worrying about where they are standing.

It also provides the media with a place to take photos of those people without disturbing them during the main part of the event, which is very important considering how media can be a little bit invasive at times.

Some of the events included in the pool, are things like movie-related awards, art alleys, fashion shows, venue openings, charity events, and many others.

During these events, a repeat banner provides the chance for investors to sponsor said events and receive more attention from the media, thus, increasing its presence in the current market. This commonly leads to more potential customers, and an increase in sales, of course, depending on the products or services sold by the sponsor.

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