If you want to have a successful gambling session, you need to pay close attention when browsing for the best online casino. You have to figure out which gambling sites offer the best bang for your buck. You will find a monthly payout percentage on every site and visit the ones with the highest possible payouts. Therefore, it is in your best interest to perform your due diligence and inspect which casino is worthwhile playing at. So, how can an Aussie figure out where the best payout is located? If you want to avoid rogue casinos altogether, we suggest looking at this Australian online casino.

Don’t worry. We have you covered. In this article, Aussie players will find the casino that is best suited for their budget. We will cover what you need to pay attention to, go over the audit status of casinos available to Aussie gamblers, and look at the best Australian online casino real money payouts that you can benefit from.

Top Payout Online Casinos Australia

 To classify the best payout online casinos for Australians, we will need to figure out how much money was paid out by the casino out of the deposited total. It is where a casino testing agency comes in. They will test various pokies on the website, allow enough time to have relevant findings, and they will publish said information usually monthly. The amount that a player can win is called a Return to Player (RTP for short). It is generally calculated on a game-by-game basis, and afterward, an average is combined for all pokies available. Let’s go over an example to see exactly how this works.

 If you want to test it out, you can always contact the live chat and request an Australian online casino no deposit bonus. Playing this bonus will allow you to check just how much you managed to receive back. It won’t be the most exhaustive test, but you can get an idea of the RTP this way.

Let’s imagine that an Aussie has deposited AUD 3,000,000 on a random casino during four weeks. Let’s also assume that the player has been able to withdraw AUD 2,864,600. It lets us know that the average return to the player for that specific period is 95.47% for the given period. 

It means that the casino has kept 4.53% out of the entire amount wagered. Nowadays, you can expect most casinos available to Aussie players to have a very similar payout percentage rate. We strongly suggest that you don’t waste your time with anything under 5%. In the long run, it becomes detrimental to play with such a high deficit. It’s in your best interest to browse the casino website you are looking into until you find the displayed RPT. Being aware of the RTP that a casino has to offer can also help if you have received an Australian online casino bonus and want to make sure you will wager it.

However, this can be a little tricky because it is usually displayed on an Australian casino online basis. It is why we suggest that you document yourself on a pokie by pokie basis. The best way to find this information is to visit the iGaming provider’s website and see for yourself precisely what the RPT for the specific pokie will be. The RTP is an excellent indicator of how much you will win if you play that particular slot. Hence, it is in your own best interest to perform a thorough investigation.

Audited vs. Unaudited Payout Percentages

As a rule of thumb, you want to make sure that the auditor displayed on the casino’s website is reputable and has their name displayed visibly. You should avoid any casino that does not have the information regarding the latest payout percentages highly visible. Ensure the casino you are attempting to deposit at has been audited by a reputable casino testing agency. Rogue casinos have the rude tendency of modifying their software so that the RPT is much higher in their favor.

The casino can advertise a 98% RTP while they could even have it as low as 80% in reality. It means that for every AUD100 you deposit, you would only be winning AUD80 – it’s like throwing money out the window. To better appeal to Aussie players, some casinos will stoop so low as to tamper with their RPT. These are the casinos you must avoid. Another way to perform your test is to get some Australian online casino free spins and see how much you can win with them.

Top-rated casinos with a strong reputation on the market will allow a reputable auditor to display the correct RPT directly on their website directly. If you want to make sure you will gamble at a truthful online casino, browse the bottom of the website’s homepage. Look for the eCOGRA logo, and that is the best way to see the proper RPTs displayed.

Suppose you enjoy the pokie selection at a casino that doesn’t have the eCOGRA logo visible on their website. In that case, we suggest you contact their customer support. Most serious online casinos have staff that is well trained and will offer you the latest RPTs or help you find the eCOGRA logo. If they aren’t very willing to offer such information, you might deposit with a rogue casino. Australian online casino PayPal deposit method should also be an indication of their legitimacy.

Highest Paying Table Games

We know most of you are in it for the flashy pokies. But hear us out. Blackjack and video slot Poker have the best RPT out there, regardless of the casino. At Blackjack, the house has a clear advantage when it comes to drawing cards, but surprisingly, this will only amount to a 1% edge in the long run. It means that Blackjack is amongst the best slots you can play if RTP is important to you. And it should be.

Poker is another great option because the RPT on most slot poker games sits at a neat 98%. Make sure you do your research; some more complex variants of Poker might have lower RTP. And given that there are so many all Australian online casinos available nowadays, one can’t be too diligent.


 If you want to increase your chances of getting a win, you want to focus your attention on table games. If you read any guide available on the internet, you will be told the same thing. Keep in mind that some RTPs might be inflated because everyone tends to play the most popular games. If you are in it for the fun and chance at a massive win, you can try to play lower RTP games from time to time. What casinos have been the most lucrative for you? Please share this information with our readers and see where others have been successful.





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