In the ever-changing world of Mixed Martial Arts, the events come thick and fast, covid-19 never stopped that with the UFC booking an island in Dubai to keep the fights rolling. Rigorous testing and strict restrictions and bubbles were mandatory but everything kept moving! Now, with restrictions relaxed around the globe, we’re back to having major events in the US and REAL LIFE fans in the stadium!

So in the immortal words of Bruce Buffer, IT’S TIME..! To get into it, today we’re gonna talk about some upcoming events, when they are, WHERE they are and what big names to look out for! Although betting sites may say one thing, our experienced heads are here to keep you right and tell you where we think OUR money will be going.

We’ll start by listing some big cards that are upcoming, after we have our list together, we’ll break it down event by event.

  • UFC Fight Night – Rozenstruik Vs Sakai – Sat June 5th 11:00PM BST
  • UFC 263 – Adesanya Vs Vettori 2 – Sun June 13th 3:00AM BST
  • UFC Fight Night – Jung Vs Ige – Sat June 19th 11:00PM BST
  • UFC Fight Night – Gane Vs Volkov – Sat Jun 27th 12:00AM BST

UFC Fight Night – Rozenstruik Vs Sakai 

First up we have a UFC Fight Night, Rozenstruik Vs Sakai, the main card for this has some real bangers on it, here they are;

  • Rozenstruik (#6) Vs Sakai (#9) – Heavyweight
  • Harris (#8) Vs Tybura (#11) – Heavyweight
  • Di Chirco vs Dolidze – Middleweight
  • Pnzinibbio Vs Baeza – Welterweight
  • Breese Vs Arroyo – Middleweight

The main event speaks for itself but with both fighters coming off a loss, there are sure to be fireworks. Rozenstruik was looking like the next big thing in the UFC until he met the wall that was Francis Ngannou. Since that fight he is 1-1, losing his last fight to Cyril Gane after going the distance. If he wants to get his name back in the hat for UFC gold, he’s going to want to get back in the win column.

On the other side of the Octagon you have Augusto Sakai, this man was on a 6 fight win streak until he met the veteran Alistair Overeem. Overeem with the slick takedowns and brutal elbows to finish it within 26 seconds of round 5 starting. Again, Sakai is going to want to get back in the green with a win, but if you ask me, the power of Rozenstruik is way too much.

I put Rozenstruik as my pick for this.

The other fight we’ll be looking at is the co-main event! Walt Harris Vs Marcin Tybura. With Tybura currently on a 4 win streak and looking to move up the rankings, he’s faced with his toughest challenge yet, the 8th ranked Walt Harris.

Walt Harris is a fan favourite. A man who the UFC faithful have SO much respect for him, he’s been through so much in his personal life over the last few years, yet still he came back to the sport and although results haven’t gone the way he would like them, I can’t help but think he still has it in him to compete with the best of them. While Marcin Tybura wouldn’t be considered “the best of the best” right now, he’s definitely on his way up.

Speaking of Tybura, you’re looking at a guy here who is building momentum, he’s looking to stake his claim at a title shot and taking out a guy like Walt Harris would be a good way to keep the train rolling and potentially get his name on that gold belt. The problem he has, is that Walt Harris hasn’t fought since his loss against Volkov in October, given a full recovery and a solid training camp, he’s going to be raring to go, this may not be the easy step Tybura is looking for.

UFC 263 – Adesanya Vs Vettori

Next we’re going to be taking a look at UFC 263: Adesanya Vs Vettori. There are 2 fights I want to look at here, but first we’ll list the main card.

  • Adesanya ( C) Vs Vettori (#3) – Middleweight Title Bout
  • Figueiredo ( C) Vs Moreno (#1) – Flyweight Title Bout
  • Edwards (#3) Vs Nate Diaz – Welterweight Bout
  • Maia (#9) Vs Muhammad (#12) – Welterweight Bout
  • Craig (#14) Vs Hill (#15) – Light Heavyweight Bout

Firstly up, let’s take a look at the main event. The legendary Israel Adesanya Vs Marvin Vettori 2. Izzy is coming off the back of the ONLY loss of his mixed martial arts career, though it was a decision loss to Jan Blachowicz, Izzy stepped up a weight class to fight for the Light Heavyweight title and he didn’t look too bad. Jan was just too much for him, but at Middleweight? Izzy is THE man.

Vettori on the other hand is coming off the back of a win in APRIL, talk about a quick turn around, capping off a 5 win streak. His latest win being against Kevin Holland, while Holland may not be having the most success in 2021, he’s still a huge scalp to take for Vettori. One thing to note however is Vettori has already fought Izzy once, he lost that fight in 2018 via split decision.

One thing I would say however is that Izzy has become a MUCH more complete fighter since then. Izzy takes this for me.

The second fight we’re looking at is the rematch of Figueiredo Vs Moreno for the Flyweight title.

These are 2 of the most in form guys in the entire UFC, Figueiredo on a 5 win streak (not counting his draw in December with Moreno) and Moreno being on a 4 win streak, again, not counting the draw.

You have two men, both wanting to prove themselves and go home with that strap, two men with unfinished business after their draw in December. Figueiredo only has one loss in his MMA career, meanwhile Moreno is sitting with an 18-5-2 record. Though it’s a tough decision, I really think Figueiredo comes in and gets the business done!

That’ll do it for this one. We’ve looked in depth at a few upcoming cards and teased what’s to come, you know, just to wet your whistle, what do you think? What cards are you looking forward to and who do you have taking home the gold? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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