MMA is a highly vigorous and robust sport; hence training can be very brutal, physically and mentally. With this, you have to be highly prepared and ready not only during the actual fights but the trainings as well.

Training is also a major maker or breaker when deciding if the sport is meant for you or not. There are many basic things you need to prepare ensuring that when it comes to training, you are prepared and ready.

To help you, here are the basic necessities an athlete needs to get from each of his/her training sessions:

  • Recovery Time and Enough Rest

Some athletes think that if they do mma training so hard without rest, they can be better, but unfortunately, it is not how it works. If the athlete pushing himself too hard, without the right amount of recovery time and rest, their muscles become extremely tired and fatigued, and unfortunately may lead to injury and less effective training sessions.

Even if the actual fight will happen a few days, over stretching your muscles to training is not a good idea as that could possibly make you more unprepared on the day of the fight.

To achieve the relaxation and recovery that you need after a rigorous training, it is highly recommended that you consider ice baths, yoga, or a massage.

  • Enough amount of water intake

Enough amount of water intake is recommended not only while training, but every day. Staying dehydrated should be one of your primary goals, as if you are not well hydrated, there is a huge chance that you will experience muscle fatigue and cramps. Also, dehydration will keep away a huge amount of energy you need to train.

During training or even if you are just in your house resting, make sure that you have a bottled water by your side all the time, so you are reminded to drink enough water regularly.

Measuring your water intake is also necessary, most of the time the recommended amount of water to take is half a gallon, but can be more depending on your activity level, size and gender. You might want to consult a dietician to know the right amount of water you need every day.

  • Nutritional supplement

Sometimes, even if you get enough food intake and enough amount of rest, you are still not getting the right amount of energy that you need to perform your regular training routine, hence nutritional supplement is recommended to ensure that you get the right amount of energy you need to perform all trainings necessary.

To know which supplement to take, when to take it and the right amount of supplement to take, seeking help from a nutritionist is recommended. You would not want to use the same amount and kind of supplement your co-athlete uses because he thinks it is effective to him. The supplement you have to take is what your body exactly needs and not someone else.

Although most supplements are available over the counter and online, it still helps if the recommended is coming from a professional.

  • High energy and healthy foods

You have to make sure that the food you eat are healthy, with less sugar and fat, as excessive sugars and fats can make you become lethargic or/and gain excess fat. Healthy carbs are your best bet as it can provide you the right amount of energy you need when going through difficult workouts.

  • Equipment and clothes

During trainings, you have to make sure that you are using the right equipment and you are wearing the most comfortable clothes. Actually, the equipment same as with the clothes to wear differ on the scheduled training session for the day, like if it is training day for striking, bringing gloves, headgears and pads is recommended, and if it is mat workout, you do not need those as much.

Check on your schedule and make sure that the clothes and equipment you prepare are suited for that training session.

  • Designated time

One of the things you have to make sure of is you have a designated time for different training sessions. You cannot do striking all the time, same as with sprint and other sessions. It is highly encouraged that you seek help from a coach when planning, as they are the best people that can help you achieve the most effective training for you.

You can choose to train solo, but of course, if you want it more effective, hiring a professional trainer is recommended.

MMA can be for male or female, everyone who is willing to get hurt and challenge their physical and mental capabilities is welcome try this sport. But to make sure you are well prepared in time of the octagon fight, getting enough training and considering the training preparation tips above is highly advised.

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