Sports betting has continued to evolve over the years to the behemoth that it is today. Now, you can bet on sports from anywhere by using your mobile phone. You can bet instantly while watching a game, or you can in more traditional ways by using a legal sportsbook in person. However you choose to bet, there will always be evolution in the sports betting industry, and 2021 will be no different. Here’s what you can expect to be new this year and beyond.


Mathematics have always been a big part of sports betting. However, with so much data available, it can be hard for bettors to keep track of everything and develop good insights. However, big data is becoming more and more important to not just make smart bets, but to set the odds in the first place. 

Algorithms and machine learning, which can also be called artificial intelligence, have never been more important. Bookmakers can create more accurate odds to best make sure that they come out ahead in the end. However, even bettors can have access to algorithms and betting systems that will provide them with odds so that they can make smarter bets. This method almost completely removes the human bias factor in betting. Players will be less likely to hype their favorite teams and players or be swayed by information that they feel is important but really isn’t. 

The technology has gotten so advanced, that bettors can even track the day-to-day activities of individual players. They can see how they are training, and what their fitness levels are like during periods leading up to games. With this information, an algorithm can then predict how well certain players will perform. Never have bettors had so much access to data and to the formulas to make use of it. 

Live Streams and Real-Time Betting

Live streaming is a very popular way to watch sports now, with more and more people watching on their phones, tablets, and laptops. Betting live streams offer the ability to do this, but with betting information on the screen as you watch. More online sportsbooks are looking to take advantage of this technology to provide a more interactive experience for their bettors. No longer do consumers have to wait until they are in front of a TV to watch games, they can do so from anywhere. This means that sportsbooks have to get the appropriate licenses and consent to broadcast more sports. 

What this also means is that players can bet in real-time. As they are watching, they can get on certain events as they occur. If they want to bet on the current batter to get a double, or for the offensive team to choose to run the ball, they can do so. Betting immediacy keeps betters “at the table” so to speak, and allows for a more involved experience for the bettor, and more possible revenue for the sportsbooks. 

More Excitement for Big Events

Sports during the pandemic have been strange. For a while there were no fans in the stands at all, and only recently have outdoor baseball teams started allowing maximum capacity. Plus, in 2020, many seasons were delayed, and some big events were completely cancelled. With 2021 looking better in terms of Covid-19, those big events and seasons are back almost to normal. 

The Tokyo Olympics were originally scheduled for 2020, but will now be held in the summer of 2021. This is the longest the world has gone without an Olympic games since the summer and winter games switched to alternating even years back in the early 90’s. There will be a ton of betting excitement and patriotic pride on display. Euro soccer is also a big betting draw, and it will return this summer as well. The NFL and NHL will most likely have normal seasons after both having truncated ones this past year. That means that sites like Doc’s will be even more accurate with more information from which to draw. 

Increased MLB Betting

Baseball has always had a checkered history with gambling. The Black Sox Scandal and the Pete Rose situation have been stains on the sport. However, the MLB’s attitude towards gambling seems to be softening. In recent years they have made agreements with sportsbooks, and are actively advertising betting lines, trends, and other information for bettors. The loss of revenue during the pandemic, along with many states making online sports better legal, have spurred individual teams to make these arrangements. The hope for MLB is that the increased access to betting will also increase interest in the sport, and bring in more revenue through not just betting but also through attendance and digital subscriptions.

As you can see, the sports betting landscape is always changing. Every year there are new trends to watch and new ideas in the industry. Make sure to stay on top of everything so that you can have your best betting experience possible. 


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