Mixed martial arts are booming now. Fighters’ remunerations are rapidly growing, TV audiences are in the tens of millions, and most sports stars will envy the popularity of top fighters’ social media accounts.

If you are curious about MMA, you are probably interested in betting on it. At the very least, understanding how MMA wagering works will help you fully understand the sport and the fights. The MMA industry is flourishing. And regulated and legalized sports betting is becoming more affordable.

Bookmakers are reacting to the rise in demand and are increasingly expanding the betting line on MMA fights. Moreover, those well-versed in this sport can catch an excellent coefficient, taking advantage of the lack of awareness of the bookmaker’s analysts. For the uninformed bettors, the most primitive thing is to wager on a particular fighter. But not everything is so simple. Let’s find out what types of MMA betting exist.

How to Choose a Bookmaker

Exciting fights cause a lot of interest among the public. Bookmakers offer bettors various betting options, collecting a large amount of statistical information. Choose only Best Betting Apps – proven and reliable services that will speed up the betting process and make it much more convenient.

Basic Bets on MMA Fights

There are several types of wagers. Let’s figure them out.

  • Moneyline Bet or Match Bet

 The most popular and frequent type of betting. Everything is primitive here. You need to choose one fighter to win over the other. All bookmakers offer this type.

  • Over/Under Round Betting or Total Rounds

It is a bet on the number of rounds (total). When betting on the total, you should guess how many rounds this or that fight will take.

Before betting on a round total, be sure to read the bookie’s Terms and Rules. All these rules must be posted on the website. As a last resort, you can consult the support service.

Moreover, before gambling on MMA, you should check the fight rules. The fights can consist of 3 or 5 rounds. The duration of the rounds may vary as well (3-5 minutes). Knowing the rules is extremely important when you evaluate the chances and place a wager on the total.

  • Method of Victory

Here we are offering the following types of betting:

  • KO – a knockout. One of the most spectacular Inside-the-Distance options. One fighter wins by the knockout – a situation in which an opponent falls after being hit and can’t get up.
  • TKO – a technical knockout. The technical knockout means a stoppage. It’s declared when the referee decides during a round that a fighter can’t safely continue the match for any reason. Or when the fighter is removed from the match by a physician’s decision. Or when the fighter’s team decides that he is no longer able to continue the combat. 
  • DQ – Disqualification. Disqualification may occur after any combination of fouls or after a flagrant foul at the discretion of the referee.
  • Submission. One fighter wins by submission. It doesn’t matter who, it just needs to end by submission.
  • A points victory

This situation implies the outcome of the fight by points, i.e. by the judges’ decision. When the full number of rounds has been completed, the points are counted and the winner of the fight is declared.

  • Live UFC betting

In this case, you can bet in between rounds or throughout the fight. But, you should be well versed in this sport.

Another MMA wagers

In addition to the above bets, there are a number of other standard positions:

  • Decision Victory
  • Split-Decision
  • Majority Decision
  • Unanimous Decision
  • A specific round win
  • A win by any method in the specified round
  • Will there be a break during the fight? – Yes / No;
  • Will the points be removed? – Yes / No.

How to Bet Effectively 

Several nuances will help you make a profitable bet in this sport:

  • A fighter’s combat style. Understanding how this or that sportsman behaves at the fight, you can predict the outcome of the combat and make a winning bet.
  • Regulations / Locations. The New York State Athletic Commission has a reputation for being the pickiest in the United States. After a series of accidents, doctors were given tough recommendations to stop the fight if there is any risk to the fighter’s health. Therefore, if the fight takes place in New York State, it makes sense to wager on TKO.
  • Inside information from exclusive sources. Bookmakers don’t always have the time and resources to analyze all the fights in this industry. Thus, for instance, if you closely follow a minor league fighter on social nets, you might definitely know that he is in the perfect shape for the next fight. It’s time to bet on this fighter’s win.

Understanding all the peculiarities of such a sport as MMA will allow you to make winning wagers. Sports betting will give you maximum pleasure from watching fights and their outcomes. Moreover, no one can force you to bet. So you must be prepared for various fighting outcomes and situations. We wish you all the best!



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